BuildSavings Offers Energy Efficient Window and Door Installation

Do you know that as a Los Angeles home owner you could be throwing out hundreds of dollars every year?

Old and poorly performing windows and doors can create a year-round drain on your energy bill. During the summer, your windows let in heat, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. And in the winter, warm air escapes from your windows and doors, causing higher heating costs.

BuildSavings Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows and doors are the solution to preventing the outside air from affecting the internal temperature of your Los Angeles home or property, regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

By utilizing BuildSavings (currently rated with a 5/5 on Houzz) , you have the ability to reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint. Not only does installing energy efficient windows for your Los Angeles home save you money, but it’s also good for the environment since you’ll be using less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.


The company offers a range of options and styles to suit homes and properties of all types, and we can meet any dimensions through custom, made-to-order solutions. We service Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Orange County, Ventura, Corona and other cities in Southern California.

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Efficiency and savings with the look you want

Savvy Los Angeles home and property owners often focus on reducing their energy costs through their windows and doors first. Your windows and doors will usually have the biggest impact on your heating and air-conditioning costs, and getting energy-efficient versions installed is affordable on almost any home improvement budget.

  • The reduction of airflow begins with the use high-quality, non-thermoconductive glass. Energy-efficient glass has the same appearance as regular glass and can be cleaned in the same ways.
  • The window frame around the glass is made of vinyl, which is another non-thermoconductive material that further helps reduce the transfer of heat or cold air in or out of your home or property.
  • The vinyl is encased in wood, similar to as you would see on any other traditional window. The vinyl acts as a way to save money, but the wood ensures you don’t have to change up your style to accommodate your extra 15% savings (or more) on energy every month.
  • Professional installation of the windows and doors further ensures the prevention of any unwanted leaks, gaps, or crevices that air could potentially flow in and out of.

Use BuildSavings for energy-efficient windows and doors for your Los Angeles home today

Insulate your entire home or property for optimal savings, or, start with one or two rooms that get particularly affected by weather fluctuations, like an uncomfortable living room or a chilly upstairs bedroom.

BuildSavings can give you a great deal on standard-sized windows or ones that are made-to-order with custom dimensions. Either way, you can expect to save 15% or more on your heating and cooling bills month to month by preventing air from escaping through your windows and doors.

Substantial energy bill savings are right around the corner, and remember, varying degrees of energy-efficient windows and doors can be had on almost any home improvement budget.

BuildSavings Window

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After the on-site evaluation, if you are interested in moving forward with BuildSavings, you will be presented with payment options. Please note, BuildSavings does not require any deposit and you are not asked to pay until the job is 100% complete! 

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