Google will allow Adwords advertisers to enroll in their expanded Adwords campaign at some point later this year.

What are expanded ads you may be asking?

The new format will have several changes including the following:

Headline: Instead of one 25 character headline, Google will now allow advertisers to utilize two headlines, each consisting of 30 characters. That’s over 140 percent increase in real estate!

Description: Currently the description line is two lines, each of which can hold up to 35 characters. Google will consolidate this into one line and allow marketers 80 characters, representing a 14 percent increase.

URL: Instead of manually inputting the URL, the domain will automatically get extracted to ensure accuracy. You can customize the URL path if you want.

What does this look like?

Glad you asked!

Here’s an example consisting of a before and after of what the ads will look like on mobile and desktop.

Google will be expanding ad space

Here’s what the interface will look like.

New expaded ads from Google

With more real estate, you should be able to get more creative with your ads and have a greater ability to appeal to the emotions of someone searching Google. This should help with actually drawing a user to your ad, as opposed to them ignoring it and going directly to organic results.

In fact, according to Google, reports show that Expanded Text Ads are seeing CTR increase by as much as 20 percent.

Template for Google’s New Expanded Adwords Text Ads

You can use the form below to make sure that you are making the most of the new real estate that Google is offering with their expanded text ads, without going over the limit.

Headline 1: 30 character limit 30 remain.
Headline 2: 30 character limit. 30 remain.
Description: 80 character limit 80 remain.
URL: http:// 35 character limit 35 remain.

Text will turn red when you exceed character limits.