Every business wants to generate more sales. Unfortunately, additional sales don’t happen just because you want them too. Improving sales figures is difficult for every business. No matter what you sell, the key to increasing sales is finding more potential customers and marketing to them in a way that turns them into paying customers.

If you’re a Shopify user, then you’re in luck. Their platform, which makes setting up an ecommerce store simple, has a large — and continually growing — selection of apps that can help you leverage social media to spread your marketing message and acquire more customers.

To get you started, here are some of the top social media and social sharing apps to use in your Shopify store. Use them wisely and you’ll have more fans than you ever dreamed of and more sales than you can handle.

Have2Have.It: For Selling On Instagram

Growing rapidly from its launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the largest and most popular social networks. The photo-sharing platform has allowed its users to take advantage of the platform’s visual nature, letting friends keep in touch internationally, regular users find celebrity, and photojournalism thrive.

Business owners and marketers have also started to realize the potential of using Instagram to create visually stunning stories to pull in and engage with potential customers and current followers.

Have2Have.It, an app from Soldsie, takes this evolution one step further by allowing businesses to sell on Instagram.

Instagram’s single link limitation for businesses has been a constant pain point for Instagram users,” says Soldsie CEO Chris Bennett. “Instagram only allows one link per business, however that makes it difficult for users to quickly access the content they want beyond the platform. We’ve figured out how to solve a problem that’s proved successful for each business we have piloted with, and we’re excited to officially launch the product to the public.”

GoJane's Have2Have.it

Basically, utilizing Have2Have.it allows users to make the most of the one clickable link that’s permitted on Instagram. Have2Have.it creates a shoppable landing page that looks and feels just like your Instagram feed, allowing you to drive your followers to specific product pages and content on your website. By making it easier for your followers to discover the content they are specifically interested in, as opposed to just sending them to your company’s homepage, you’ll be able to increase leads and sales.

Aside from making your Instagram feed shoppable, Have2Have.it provides various analytics such as clicks by day and clicks by product so that you can see what resonates best with your audience as well as best times to post on your Instagram feed.

Given the high engagement and conversion rates on Instagram and the fact that the app has a 5 star rating as of this post, you’ll definitely want to give this app a shot.

Yotpo: For Generating Product Reviews

Having real consumer reviews on your site is a necessity – it’s been shown through multiple studies as a proven sales driver. In fact, 84 percent of US consumers have stated that user reviews influence their purchase decisions, with half of those respondents stating that they rely on these reviews during the first stage of the buying cycle. Furthermore, the most popular source for checking reviews is a company website (71 percent), followed by other online rating sites (57 percent), and then government/consumer advocacy sites (54 percent).

Why Your Business Needs Reviews

Not only does having reviews on your site help with conversions, but it also helps with SEO. Google and other search engines like unique content that is regularly updated. Allowing people to leave reviews is a great way of constantly getting fresh content.

This is where Shopify extension Yotpo comes in. Not only does it put customer review fields on all of your product pages, but it also helps with social proof.

Additionally, Yotpo has three levels of trust and transparency – Verified Buyer, Verified User, & Anonymous – this makes it easier for your shoppers to evaluate a product based on the recommendation it has received. According to Yotpo, by adding these credibility factors, sales have been proven to increase by an average of 240% which makes sense since the value of a review to a potential customer is directly determined by its trustworthiness.

Yotpo can also generate automatic reminders for reviews and helps you strengthen your database. It also gives you an assessment of your products and store based on the reviews. This app is free and a must-try for your online shopping store.

Chimpified: For Optimized Email Marketing

Even if you are an email marketing amateur, email marketing should be deeply embedded in your overall online strategy as it’s still one of the most effective ways to attract and engage with your customers and prospects.

A reliable, active email list can help you with mobilizing your audience to take a given action such as the following: in a whole bunch of different ways to mobilize your audience to take some sort of action.

  1. Improve your ability to sell to each customer with downsells, upsells, and cross-sells.
  2. Increase sales by bringing attention to new items, based off previous shopping history, with individual email blasts.
  3. Send discounts and promos.

To make the most of email marketing, you need an effective way to drive the process. This is where Shopify app Chimpify comes in. Chimpify effectively integrates your customer data so that you can seamlessly plan your marketing communication, with the app offering readymade templates and segmented targeting. You can also pair this up with campaign monitoring apps such as Campaignified. Like any great app, Chimpify helps you automate pretty much everything, and what makes it better is that this is a free app!

Olark: For Live Chats

Olark provides livechat for your store

All good online stores have live chat support to help users with their online shopping experience. Olark does one better – it helps you watch what your customers are doing as they browse through your website and then engage in conversation via live chat when the moment is right. This is very useful, especially when you notice a serious shopper confused between products on your site. You can offer help with their queries and help them make the right choice.

Earlier, big online brands paid large amounts for online chat services; some still do. You can, however, face the big brands by taking advantage of Olark. While Olark is not a free app, it is reasonably priced with a 14-day trial offer.

PluginSEO: For Search Engine Optimization

Several newcomers struggle with driving and maintaining organic traffic to their web store. Search Engine Optimization, most easily known as SEO, is probably not a new term for you, but several entrepreneurs tend to be overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available on this topic. Wouldn’t you wish that you did not have to waste all your time learning about SEO and trying to implement it for your internet store? This is where PluginSEO can cast its magic.

PluginSEO simply shows you the pain points in your ecommerce store and tells you exactly what you need to change. This app is free, and it is not surprising that so many people are absolutely happy with it. The PluginSEO app’s product reviews recommend the app highly, and 100% of store owners who have used it love it. You should definitely get this app right away!

Just like products, when you are looking for the best apps, you should always read their reviews. Often, recommendations from other online store owners can help you tremendously in avoiding some expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

With about 100,000 Shopify stores and several more coming up every day, some online stores may seem far better than your own, and you may feel limited with your own basic options in your Shopify account. But despair no more, for you can now bring your online store to life with useful Shopify apps!