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Fake Porn App Taking Money From Users

The Adult Player

Free online porn could end up costing people. A fake app promising free pornography is secretly taking pictures of users and demanding ransom. The Adult Player app appeared on Android and promises users free pornography. However, when the user  launches the app, Adult Player takes over the front camera of ...

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Using Instagram to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Using Instagram for eCommerce

Instagram has quickly gone from a trendy photo-sharing app to one of the best marketing channels for eCommerce businesses. At the end of 2014, Instagram announced that it reached 300 million active monthly users and you can bet that number has only grown as we come closer to 2015. Instagram’s focus is ...

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How to Sell on Facebook: Easily Increase Organic Reach & Brand Awareness

Selling on Facebook

Unless you’re going down the route of paying for interaction every time (which we don’t recommend), getting sizable and consistent organic interaction on your brand’s Facebook page can be really, really tough. In fact,  a study by Social@Ogilvy in March 2014 found that organic reach had declined to 6 percent meaning that on average ...

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